The mining industry is involved in extracting precious minerals and other geological materials. The extracted materials are transformed into a mineralised form that economically benefits the prospector or miner. The mining industry’s contribution to the country’s economy is immense.

EWAC has many years of experience and expertise in repair & reconditioning of various applications of the mining industry, which is used for exploration, production and processing. Based on several applications executed successfully by the EWAC across mining sectors, the EWAC application specialist provides optimised solutions using an extensive foray of technologies and products to increase machines’ service life, combat wear & prolonged life of application etc.  

The losses resulting from the defect or breakdown of equipment amount to incredible sums, often far higher than the cost of maintenance, repair or reclamation. For this reason, mining industries must take preventive and periodic equipment maintenance.

EWAC understand the losses due to the breakdown of running equipment. Hence we offer in situ job repair by our expert technicians to minimise lead time and assure the job is completed within the stipulated time.


Excavator is the equipment used to dig, move and handle earth on a large scale. It is extensively

used in the mining industry. The excavator is heavy construction equipment consisting of a boom, stick, bucket and cab on a rotating platform (known as the “house”). The house sits atop an undercarriage with tracks or wheels.

Components (Base Metal)Problems/ ApplicationsCause
Bucket (MS/Mn Steel)Wear on SurfacesImpact and Abrasion
Bucket (MS/Mn Steel)CrackThinned out due to improper handling
Tooth Point (Mn Steel)JoiningBreak due to Impact
Boom & Stick (Steel)CracksThinning due to Improper handling
Pin Area (Steel)CracksImproper handling and loading

Components (Base Metal)Problems/ ApplicationsCause
Hydraulic Hammer (Steel)CracksDue to excessive vibrations

Components (Base Metal)Problems/ ApplicationsCause
TeethWearDue to abrasion and Impact

Components (Base Metal)Problems/ ApplicationsCause
Under Carriage ComponentsCracks and WearWear due to improper surfaces
Grouser ShoeCrackUneven Surface

Components (Base Metal)Problems/ ApplicationsCause
Track RollerWearAbrasion & Impact
SprocketWearAbrasion & Misalignment
Chain LinksWearAbrasion
Cutting EdgeWearShearing Action


In mining, Earthmoving equipment has to handle all the mineral ores of different shapes and sizes. The wear factors are not always the same. A few excavators handle rocks/boulders (limestone), whereas a few handle minerals in disintegrated form (iron ore/laterite). In the case of limestone, the bucket will lose its life due to impact and gouging abrasion when the limestone is scooped out of the surface. Whereas, in the case of the laterite, the bucket loses its life because of impact and scratching abrasion. These types of wear factors are the most common in buckets.

We provide Special base material which is induced with evenly distributed primary, secondary, and tertiary carbides in the matrix, That can overcome the wear caused by impact, gouging abrasion and scratching abrasion. These carbides avoid wear by avoiding the contact of the abrasive media with the softer matrix, as the wear of the carbides is very low compared to matrix. Meanwhile, matrix has a shock absorption ability. Hence this formation increases the operating life.

In our EWAC product range – we have wide variety of solutions which includes special hardfacing products & special wear plates having following properties

    • Low dilution to the base metal
    • Perpendicular orientation of carbides provides higher LPF
    • Uniform hardness
    • High volume fraction of the carbide

Based on the performed calculations and experience of mining personnel, it has been observed that in terms of economy, reclamation of an excavator bucket is more cost-effective than purchasing a new one, and it is around less than 50% of the actual price of the original one.

Experience of EWAC

Our unique relationship within the mining industry has been established over many years. Eutectic’s engineers have developed a comprehensive understanding of specialized problems experienced within the industry. We aim to provide the most practical and cost-effective solution.