EWAC Alloys Limited, the pioneer in the ‘Reclamation of Rail Tracks to the Railway Industry’, has been serving the Indian Railways for more than 25 years in track reconditioning and tie tamping tools reconditioning. We have RDSO approved Welding Consumables in the form of Stick Electrodes, Microflow Powders and also FCAW Wire to cater to various critical applications like Points and Crossings, Wheel-burns of Scabs and Tie Tamping Tools.

RDSO (Research Designs and Standards Organisations) approves our Training Institute at Ankleshwar to train welders. We impart training to all the welders before putting them on the job.

A strong team of weld technicians and crew members allows us to execute the work at nearly 50 locations with efficacy and productivity at a time.

We have a proven track record of Reconditioning approximately 50,000 Crossings & Tongue Rails, 10 Cr Sq CM of Wheelburns & Scabs, and 1 Lakh Tie Tamping Tools.

Whenever a train changes the direction, it must pass through The Points & Crossings and that is why it is referred to as “Turn Out” also. Each Point & Crossing or Turn Out is subjected to wear & tear because of the Impact, Friction & Some amount of Abrasion & Erosion caused by Train Wheel (Rolling Stock).

EWAC Specially developed Low Heat Input Welding Electrodes are used for Reconditioning of worn-out Points & Crossings which gives extended life and reduces the down time of Rail Tracks…

Rolling contact fatigue and thermal/traction defects are common phenomena on rail surfaces due to rolling contact characteristics of rail-wheel interactions. Several types of defects such as gauge corner checking, shelling, flaking, or running surface checking, spalling, wheel-burns, scabs, squats etc, arise due to the contact between the surfaces, which are associated with unfavourable changes in metallurgical, mechanical and wear resistance properties of the rails.

Wheel burn defects are caused by the continuous slipping of the locomotive or traction wheels on the rails, which occurs when the longitudinal creepage between wheels and rails reaches saturation.

To address the issue, EWAC uses State of the Art Thermal
Spray Technology & Specially developed Thermal Spray Powder for Reconditioning of Wheel burns, Scabs & Low joints and helps Railways in getting extended life of Tracks.

Tie Tamping Tools gets worn out due to severe Impact & Abrasion while doing the ballast tamping.

EWAC uses specially designed Flux Cored Wires for Reconditioning of Tie Tamping Tools which helps in extending the life of Tool. This results in huge cost savings for the Railways in terms of procurement of new tools & cost of replacement due to reduction in BCM downtime.