About Us

About Us

Since its inception as a joint venture between Larsen & Toubro Limited, India & Eutectic Castolin Group, Switzerland, in 1962, EWAC Alloys Limited has been a leader in Maintenance and Repair in the Indian Welding Industry. The company manufactures and sells cutting-edge welding products, kits, and accessories.

  1. Specialized Welding Alloys
  2. Gas Brazing Products and Fluxes
  3. Soldering Alloys
  4. Thermal Spray Powders
  5. Metal & Flux Cored Continuous Wires
  6. Polymer-based Compounds
  7. Wear Resistant Liners
  8. Ceramic Products
  9. Welding Equipment and PPE Kits

Our Mission and Vision:

Our Mission is to exceed our Customers’ expectations for superior quality Products & Services in Repair & Maintenance, and in the process offer a healthy & exciting work environment for our employees.

Our Vision is to “Repair rather than Replace” and thereby contribute to promoting a Circular Economy, and Sustainability.

Our brand is trusted by all industrial consumers in wear-intensive and heavy-duty sectors. They have relied upon us for more than sixty years now. We have reciprocated by continuous improvement in bringing innovative products and solutions to them. We are consistently challenging ourselves to enhance industrial productivity, cutting maintenance costs, and extending component life – through innovation and cutting edge welding technology.

Over time, EWAC has transitioned to becoming a trusted global brand while ensuring its inherent core: Technology, Passion, Expertise, Customer focus, and Reliability.

Our Strengths and Achievements:

  • We are proud to be a preferred supplier of Track Safety Products and Services to the Indian Railways
  • We have been offering an exemplary range of cost-efficient solutions to wear-related problems in the repair and maintenance industry for more than 60 years.
  • Customers prefer our turnkey solutions and strategic approach to Industrial Wear Protection and Repair requirements. Our solutions deploy a time-tested and scientific methodology customized for each Process industry across verticals.
  • We have exhibited a unique capability to reduce scrap and manufacturing costs by combating the effects of wear with Preventive Maintenance and Repair Welding Technologies

With 60 years of experience in preventive maintenance and repair of industrial machinery, we offer an unrivalled range of cost effective solutions to wear-related problems.

The company started as Prof. Wasserman, founder of Eutectic Castolin, and Mr. Henning Holck-Larsen, the founder of Larsen & Toubro, laid the foundation of the Eutectic Division in India in 1962. In 2011, EWAC became a wholly-owned Larsen & Toubro Limited subsidiary. In November 2017, the US-based Colfax Group, a multinational industrial conglomerate, acquired EWAC. Our success is built on an ever-growing knowledge of metallurgy and wear phenomena through dedication to increasing our customers’ productivity and profitability through a network of Engineers and Stockists nationwide and worldwide.