Life at EWAC

Life at EWAC

A world of enriched living to build a wholesome life. We believe the focus should be overall and not on individual parts! We encourage all Associates to fulfil their personal and social needs and not just their professional development. You will find a range of benefits from individual and family benefits, a supportive work environment, and other benefits designed in line with your evolving personal needs and priorities.

Our benefits and beliefs

Health and Well Being

EWAC truly believes in the health and well-being of its workforce and its families. Our people are at the heart of what we do.

Additionally, as per the company schemes, our employees are covered with medical insurance for self and dependents. 

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Annual Health Checkup

Employees and spouses are eligible for periodic health checkups at regular intervals. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides online medical consultation in association with Practo to address and resolve critical medical issues for Associates and their families.

Employee Safety

Employee Safety and well-being in these trying times of the Pandemic are of utmost importance. Clear directives from our Global team regarding our COVID protocols have helped us function with caution.

Rewards and Recognition

To recognise and reward significant (individual and team) contributions and to build a culture of appreciation by encouraging EWACians to acknowledge the contributions made by their peers, subordinates, and themselves.

Annual Compensation Review

is a process that is standardized with defined internal governance ensuring fairness, equity, and parity across the Company.

Retiral Programs

are designed to honor continuity of service across businesses and help support talent mobility. These include Provident Fund, Superannuation, Gratuity and post retiral medical benefits.

Long Service Recognition

is to recognize and appreciate Management staff who have served the Company for a period of minimum Five years till their retirement.


Globally followed Practice, to recognize your team-members as well as peers.

Appreciation Cards

For spontaneous recognizing and appreciating good work of peers and teams widely.

Enabling and Safe Environment

A safe, secure, and nondiscriminatory working environment is attained by building awareness and educating each Associate about prevention of sexual harassment at workplace as well as following the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness (DEI) across the Organization.

Global Associate Survey

This is a platform which enables Associates to voice their feedback about the Organizational practices as well as helps the Company to understand the Associate’s expectation.

Learning and Development

  • Hands-on and ‘best in the industry’ sales & application training program of 45 days for all new joiners at the plant giving exposure to various applications.
  • Soft skills and behavioural training program.

“When I think of EWAC, I think of, Immense Learning opportunity – Both technical and behavioral – Enriching knowledge. Knowing new technologies.

Great Team work – Here we work together . So winning becomes easier as well as failures are shared. Empowerment – Encouraged to take independent decision being within guideline.  & Growth opportunity.”

Somnath Goswami – M&R Products, Training Head

EWAC truly practices its philosophy ‘ People – the Prime Movers’. Every possible measure is taken for the development, retention and growth of an employee. EWAC imparts top class training for continuous upgradation of domain knowledge and competencies. EWAC offers an environment transparency, candour and comfort at work, impeccable inter personal relationship and great respect for knowledge and experience for its employees. The in-depth exposure to various industries and applications, relationship with a variety of Customers, job rotation and working as a team, make the job of an individual more enjoyable at EWAC.  I have spent my 31 best years working for this great organization. I feel EWAC truly shaped my professional life.

Santanu Banerjee – Zonal Head – East region

EWAC has promoted an ethical and open culture where even field force can approach the Chief Executive. It always puts the employee first!! The application specialist is always considered as the top most employee of the organisation. I still remember the Preplacement presentation when I was an interview candidate, the organisation structure was shown as an inverted pyrimad with Application specialist on top and Chief Executive in the bottom. The other most important aspect of EWAC is the training and soft skill development, where any one can develop the acumen to communicate to the welder and the Managing director with ease. In addition the exposure we get working in different industries . 

This factors combine to make EWAC truly an unique work place to hone our technical, managerial and behaviour skills. AS they say “once a EWACian always an EWACian

Sundararaman – Zonal Manager – South Zone

“Working at EWAC for 16 years has been an incredible journey, deeply cherished. Each day, new opportunities to learn and grow, both professionally and personally, have shaped me into a better individual. Continuous learning at EWAC has transformed my experience. The dynamic work environment always offers new horizons to explore, fueling my passion for growth.

One of my most rewarding aspects has been the profound job satisfaction. Contributing to meaningful projects and being part of an excellence-driven team is unparalleled, motivating me to excel in every task. EWAC’s people-centric culture stands out. Support, camaraderie, and collaboration among colleagues foster a positive atmosphere, encouraging innovation and shared achievements.

Reflecting on 16 years at EWAC, I confidently express contentment with this journey. Lessons learned, relationships built, and personal growth achieved have made this career chapter incredibly fulfilling. I’m grateful for these experiences and eagerly anticipate the future.”

Aditya Gupta – Head – Services